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  • Fetish Fantasy 9inch Strap-O

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Dostępność Brak towaru
EAN 4024144551255
Provides squirting climaxes! Realistic, hollow strap-on dildo with stretchy straps. The bulging guy stands out with its realistic details and because it's completely life-like. Furthermore, the additional squirting function provides you with a breathtaking feeling of sperm. It can be worn by men and women. Dildo: complete length 25.4 cm, insertion length 22.9 cm, insertion depth 10.2 cm, inner Ø 4.1 cm, outer Ø 5.3 cm; waist circumference of strap-on: 71.1-132.1 cm. PVC, ABS, polyester.
Informacje o produkcie
Wymiary opakowania 270x160x105
Materiał PVC, ABS, Polyester
Całkowita długość 25,4
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