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  • Egg Variety 2 6 pack

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Dostępność Mało
EAN 4560220552827
Six different single-use masturbators in an egg shape (now even thicker and therefore stronger) with different stimulating patterns on the inside. They are extremely easy to use: the egg is taken out of the egg box, covered in lubricant and then placed over the penis. The stimulating pattern on the inside massages the penis when the egg is slid up and down it. Each masturbator 7 cm, Ø flexible, suitable for all penis sizes. Material: ABS/silicone. 6 eggs in a transparent "egg box". Lubricant is included.
Informacje o produkcie
Wymiary opakowania 175x120x75
Materiał ABS + Silikon
Całkowita długość 7
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